Here you will find the listings for the single Pokemon Cards that we are currently buying and the prices we are paying for them. We have them listed in the categories based on the sets. We purchase most Pokemon Cards in bulk for the following prices. However, there are many that we purchase for more which have individual listings show below.
- HOLOS $0.20 each (these are Star Holos - Non-Reverse)
- REVERSE HOLOS $0.06 each (these are all Circle, Diamond & Star Holos)
- RARES $0.04 each (these are the Star cards)
- COMMONS/UNCOMMONS $0.02 each (these are the Circle & Diamond cards)
- ENERGY CARDS $0.005 each (2 cards for $0.01)

Requirements to sell us Pokemon Cards:
- Must be in Mint (or like new) condition. This is very important & means that the cards should be like new as if they came directly out the packs. They should have No bends, creases, scratches, marks, white edges, folds etc...
- Must be the regular US version (no foreign or fake cards)

(Basically, If you kept your cards stored away & protected, then we are likely to purchase them. On the other hand, if your cards were used & played with, that caused them to get damaged then we can't use them)

To sell a full collection without looking your cards up please click here