Here you will find links to all the U.S. Coins & Currency that we are currently buying and the prices we are paying for them.

We are only looking for original authentic U.S. coins & currency. We do not buy counterfeit or replica coins

For most coins condition may vary from Worn to About Good (AG) and up. We do NOT purchase coins that are damaged, incomplete, treated, cleaned, counterfeit, copies, replicas, have holes or are unidentifiable. These will be returned at the sellers expense.

There are some circumstances where we will buy damaged, no dates or coins with holes. We will note which coins these these are on the actual item page.

Our category is being updated and we will be offering more coins and currency soon. For now we will purchase what we have listed. If you have high dollar, uncirculated, proof coins or a collection please contact us directly to let us know what you have and an asking price.