How does this service work and is it safe?
Yes our purchasing service is guaranteed safe. How it works is we provide categories with items we are buying along with the prices we are paying for each item. You decide what you would like to sell us, add them to your basket and process and order. After processing the order you prepare to ship your items to us for evaluation. We will confirm your shipment by email & release payment with-in 1 week when it arrives to our warehouse.

How do I know I will get paid?
Our business & website has been established and active since 1999. We have a very positive reputation in the collectibles industry and want to keep it that way for many years to come. We are a full time registered Limited Liability Company (LLC). We strive very hard to make sure our customers are extremely happy as word of mouth is the absolute best advertising and each transaction we hope provides several more. We make sure all our submissions are safe & successful, we provide emails, phone number & our actual business warehouse location. Using Signatures, Insurance & trackable shipping services will ensure that you know when we receive your products at our location. We would never risk our reputation over purchasing transactions.

Along with our high reputation in the industry we have a full time account with a 170,000+ rating. We are recognized as being larger than 99% of all registered accounts on Ebay.

What type of payments do you offer?
We issue payment either or Store Credit.

What is Paypal and how does it work? is an online payment company that provides easy, fast and instant payment transactions. We can transfer payment to anyone anywhere simply by sending it to a confirmed registered email. As long as you have an account with you are eligible to receive payment from us through them. Paypal has several ways to retrieve the funds from your online account (requesting a check, transferring to your bank account, sending money to others, paying bills etc..) To read more about Paypal, fees and their services please click here.

When you do contact me about my shipment, How long does payment take?
We will contact you by email with-in 1 week of your shipment arriving. The email will confirm your shipment has arrived & discuss payment/price etc... The email will mention if your shipment is approved with out changes or if it needs your approval. When a shipment needs your approval it would be because pricing has changed due to an item(s) not listed correctly, not priced correctly or not in the condition expected.

Once approved the Paypal payments will be issued with-in 1 business day.

Do I need to process an order before I send my items in?
Yes, you will need to process a sell order online before mailing us your items (unless we mutually agreed on a sale via email). Once you process the sell order you will be contacted with-in 1 business day by a representative to give further instructions for shipping or local dropoff.

What is the best procedure to process the order?
We recommend that you fill your shipping box as you create the order online (fill the box as you add the items to the cart). This way as soon as the box is full you can complete that order and start a new one if you happen to have more items to sell. This also eliminates trying to find a box after the order is placed to fit all the items. It works best to process one order per box that you are shipping. Just place multiple orders if you are planning to ship multiple boxes.

Who pays for shipping?
We will pay the shipping charge to our warehouse if the order is over $30.00. If it is under $30.00 you would be required to cover the shipping charge.

For us to pay the shipping we will send you a Pre-Paid UPS label via email. You can then drop your items off at a local UPS dropbox or drop location. They also have a service where they come pick items up from you.
In some cases we will use USPS instead of UPS.

This offer is valid for most U.S. shipping addresses (Alaska, Hawaii & Apo/Fpo etc please contact first). For customers outside the U.S. please contact us before placing the order to discuss shipping options.

What if my products are not accepted?
If your products are not accepted they can be returned to you. Since collectibles can come in various conditions, we evaluate your collection before making payment to make sure it meets the requirements of the conditions we expect (for example, your items must be in Mint condition, otherwise it decreases the value or if your item turns out to be counterfeit). Or in some cases if the condition of the items is really bad, we will not be able to make an offer.

Should we need to change the price of anything we will confirm that first by email to discuss options. If you don't want to sell your items because you do not agree with the price changes, that is okay, you are not obligated to. We can return full shipment, partial shipment etc... In this case, we will get you the best shipping price via UPS or USPS and ship your items back to you. If items are being returned for not as described and we provided the shipping label then we do require that label to be reimbursed before returning the merchandise. Payment will also need to be be received with-in 30 days of our confirmation email. We will not be responsible for merchandise left beyond 30 days. If you no longer have any interest in your items, please do not leave them at our facility. It is your obligation to make arrangements to have the items returned to you. Unfortunately we do not have the space to store unwanted items, and after the 30 day period any items left here will be removed from the premises.

How long has this service been offered & how many submissions are processed?
We have been offering this service since mid 2003. It has become a highly rated service and is growing. (99% of our submissions are successful). We are currently processing anywhere from 10 to 25 submissions per day depending on the time of year.

Do you purchases items that are not listed?
Yes, There are other items that we will purchase. At this time we are mostly purchasing the items listed on our site. In the future other items will be listed, for now you may inquire if you have any rare or high dollar collectibles you are looking to sell.

How do you come up with your prices and do they ever change?
We come up with buy prices the same way we do with sell prices. All prices are based on supply and demand or how hard or easy something is to get. The more we need or more demanding an item is the higher we are likely to pay, products that are overstocked would more likely be less money.

Dealing with collectibles prices will constantly change. Our buy prices do change quite often depending on what we need at the current time, they will go up or down.

Why are some items priced at $0.00?
Some products are listed at $0.00 simply because we don't need to purchase anymore at the moment. Typically this is due to the item already being overstocked at the warehouse. We like to leave the product listed so you can see that it is an item we normally purchase. When more are needed we will raise the price on the item.

However, when you place a sell order your prices are locked in and you have 14 days to ship . This gives you time to submit items and keep the same prices.

Are items purchased all year long?
We generally purchase 10 months out of the year. Because of our business holiday retail season we close down the purchases program during November & December. As we get close to these times we provide exact dates & info here.

Can I drop my items off at your business with-out shipping them?
Yes, You may drop your items off at our location with-out shipping them. We do require that you use the checkout service to place an order, just as you would if shipping the items. All payments are submitted the same way as listed above. In most cases we do not remit payment on the spot, we will contact with-in 1 week just as a we would a mailed in shipment. We still need the time to go through your shipment and verify everything. We do not give price quotes on the spot for purchases that aren't accompanied with a completely processed order from this site. It is recommended you check with us first before coming out to our location to establish an available time.

Warehouse Location:
BB Novelties, LLC
1301 Metropolitan Ave, Suite #5
West Deptford, NJ 08066