is a simple, easy & safe way to sell your items. Just follow these simple steps:

Step #1: You review what we are buying & process your sell order.
Step #2: After we confirm your sell order via email, ship or drop off your items to us for evaluation.
Step #3: We confirm & pay you with-in 1 week of receipt.

Step #1 - Finding items & processing an order:

Our site works on a shopping cart system very similar to a website where you would purchase items. To begin placing your sell order you will browse or search for the items you wish to sell.

We have two ways to browse for your items:
Option #1 - You can use the category links. These links will allow you to view all the items we have listed on this website that we are currently purchasing.
Option #2 - You can use our search, which is located at the top of all of the pages of our website. You can search by product name or UPC code number.

Once the desired item is found you can click the "Sell Item Now" Button. This button adds the item to your shopping cart. Putting something in your shopping basket does not commit you to selling it. After you put something in your basket, you can choose to checkout immediately, or continue to add more. You can put as many items as you want in your shopping basket. When you're finished adding the desired items to your basket and want to complete the sell order, you can go to the "My Basket" screen (top right corner of any page). This will start the process to finalize your sell order.

Quick Notes:
- You can view your basket contents at any time by clicking the "My Basket" link at the top of any screen
- The basket menu will allow you to change quantity or remove items in your basket.

DO YOU HAVE A LARGE COLLECTION THAT WILL REQUIRE MORE THAN ONE BOX FOR SHIPPING? If so this is okay we just ask that you process one order per box that you are shipping. Multiple orders are accepted. Just keep in mind that each box needs to have atleast $30.00 worth of merchandise to receive a pre-paid label. Keeping one order per box allows us to process quicker and more efficiently. It is recommended that you fill your shipping box as you process the order online. This way you can completely fill it and complete the order. It will save the frustration of trying to find a box after the order is placed. It will also help you figure out how many items fit in a particular box.

Step #2 - After processing the order:

After the checkout is completed you will receive an order number and an automated email confirmation. You will then be instructed to wait for a representative to review the order you placed and email you back. We will confirm that we would like to purchase the items and give you further instructions/options to send in your items.

Since collectibles can come in various conditions, we evaluate your collection before making payment to make sure it meets the requirements of what we need. For example, the majority of the items we purchase must be in Mint condition. We also must verify the authenticity of the items. Should we need to change or if the item is not accepted we will confirm that first by email to discuss options. Should you decide you don't want to sell your items because we had to change the price, that is okay, you are not obligated to. We will check get you the best possible shipping price & ship your items back to you. (Prices can also change on a daily basis, therefore, once you process your order you have 14 days to ship your items to keep the price).

Step #3 - When the shipment arrives

You will be contacted with-in 1 week (usually sooner) after the receipt & processing of your shipment. At that time we confirm your order was checked in & release payment. Payments are issued in 1 of 2 ways: Paypal or Store Credit. Click Here for Complete Payment Information. The success rate of this service is high. 99% of our submissions are successful.

You must be over the age of 18 to place a sell order on our site.

- Click for the Frequently Asked Questions page

Please let us know if you have any problems placing a sell order, or if you have concerns regarding any of the information above