This category contains the LEGO® Mini Figures that we are currently buying. This list has over 2000 different minis listed. The easiest way to look up the prices we are buying them for is to search for them by character. There is a search box at the top of this page please type in LEGO MINI and then the character name.

Requirements to sell us LEGO® minifigs:
- Loose figures be in mint condition.
- Clean (no dirt, spots or scratches).
- Must contain any accessories that are shown in the picture.

(Basically, If you kept your items stored away & clean, then we are likely to purchase them. On the other hand, if your items were used as toys and played with, then we most likely won't be interested in purchasing.)

We do not list every mini figure that LEGO® has made. Any that are not listed can be sold to us at the bulk prices shown below, $0.50 each for generic styles & $1.00 each for the licensed charaters.


We Pay: $5.00

We Pay: $1.00