Here you will find TY Classic Plush that we are currently buying and the prices we are paying for them.

We do not list all styles as we purchase most in bulk at the same price. However there are a few styles that we buy for more than the bulk price. We have listed all these styles below.

The condition of TY products are extremtly important. At this time we are not buying used or non-mint items. We are looking for new/mint only.

Requirements to sell us TY products:
- Must be in Mint (or like new) condition. This applies to the Beanie itself & the hang tag.
- Clean (no dirt or spots)
- Odor free (no smoke, animal scents, perfume or other odors)
- Hang Tags must mint (no creases, bends, price stickers, fading etc..)

If you kept your items stored away in plastic bags or bins so they remained clean, dust & odor free then we are likely to purchase them. On the other hand if your items were used as toys, played with, displayed on shelves, left out to collect dust then we most likely won't be interested in purchasing and would need to return them. Also if you acquired the items from a secondary source such as a flea market, donation center, garage sale etc... then we most likely won't be able to purchase. We are looking for TY items that were collected and kept clean from the original owner not secondary sources.

Click Here to see examples of Non-Mint TY products that we couldn't purchase