Payments, Shipping & Packaging

How we issue payments

We issue payment either by or Store credit. The payment choice is up to you. For store credit we add 25% to your total.

Paypal is an online company owned by that provides easy, fast and instant payment transactions. We can transfer payment to anyone anywhere simply by sending it to a confirmed registered email. As long as you have an account with you are eligible to receive payment from us through them. Paypal has several ways to retrieve the funds from your online account (requesting a check, transferring to your bank account, sending money to others, paying bills etc..) To read more about Paypal and their services please click here.

How to ship your items

Please process one order per box that you are shipping. If you have more items than will fit in a single box please process a second order. Multiple orders are accepted. Keeping one order per box allows us to process quicker and more efficiently.

If we are providing you pre-paid labels for UPS you may use those labels to drop off your items at a local UPS dropbox or drop location. They also have a service where they come pick items up from you.

How to package your items

There are several different ways to package your items. We have provided the following recommendations. Following these steps really helps us process your submission faster and keeps delays down.

TY Beanies, Webkinz & Other Plush
If shipping TY Beanie Babies & Other Plush items it is easiest to separate them into different types & prices. We ask that you not mix Beanies with Buddies or Teenies etc... Keeping them separate (in different boxes or large trash bags) makes it much easier to process the shipment. Also, if you have used the Bulk submission for TY Beanies (or other Bulk Items), you would want to keep those ones separated in trash bag or large bag.

If you have your items in plastic boxes or plastic sandwich bags we would recommend taking items out of them. Tag protectors can be left on or taken off. Beanies are very durable and won't get damaged during shipping so no packaging materials (foam, peanuts, bubble wrap etc..) is needed. You can simple store them in plastic bags as mentioned above.

Yu-Gi-Oh, Pokemon & Other Cards
If shipping Yu-Gi-Oh Cards & other card it is easiest to separate them into different types. For example you may want to keep all the Holograms separate from the Rares and separate from the Commons. Try to keep them in order as best you can.

Whether shipping in an envelope or a box please be sure that the cards are protected. This means wrapping them in something so they don't slide all over and don't get bent (plastic saran wrap works well). Loose cards in a box or envelope will almost always arrive damaged or bent. For envelopes we would recommend some cardboard or a couple hard plastic top loaders to keep from bending.

Cards in plastic 9 pocket pages, soft sleeves or hard case top loaders should be removed. We would only recommend sleeves for high value cards. It is not necessary to sleeve low value holos, rare or commons.

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