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If you have extra product or a collection you are wanting to sell, we want to buy it. On this website you will find items we are looking to purchase & the prices we will pay you. No fees to sell. Get an instant quote. We will purchase any quantity for what is listed, no collection is too large or too small. We also pay the shipping charge if your order is over $25.00.

The selling process is very simple and guaranteed safe. Just follow these simple steps:
Step #1: You review what we are buying & process your sell order.
Step #2: Ship or drop off your items to us for evaulation.
Step #3: We evaluate, confirm & pay you with-in 1 week of receipt.

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Try a small submission first!

Some customers using our service for the first time submitted a small order for 1 or a few items just to see how the service worked. Once completed they felt comfortable about submitting more items. We understand you may not want to send a large or complete collection at first, so process an order for a trial run. We have some customers that come back again and again to sell us products. We offer a very reliable & safe service, GUARANTEED!

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