Effective Monday, August 12th, 2019

We will be making several changes to how the selling process works:

We will be removing the option to provide fully pre-paid shipping labels for all sell orders. By making this change we will be able to remove the $25.00 minimim order, we will be able to open up the shipping to international customers. We will also be able to raise our buying prices up to be more competative.

We can still email & provide a shipping label like we do now for your convenience, however the actual cost of the label will be deducted from the order total. The cost of shipping will be provided by email before you actually send any items in. This way you will know the exact cost and if it ends up being too high you can cancel or modify the order. Wiht this option (providing the label) you still don't have to put out the cost of shipping upfront to send the items.

We will be able to offer rates and methods from both UPS and USPS. You will be able to choose which shipping company you would like recieve a label from, instead of us choosing like in the past. This benefits the customers who can't get to or don't live near a specific shipping company drop off facility. In addition we will also offer customers an option to not use our label and just ship the order directly to us by any method of choice (USPS, Fedex, UPS etc..). As well as an option to drop the shipment off directly at our warehouse in New Jersey.

All sell orders placed on or before Sunday, August 11th will be processed the old way. Starting on Monday, August 12th we will apply the new updates.

Other changes coming soon:
In the next couple weeks we will be offering more ways to sell items in bulk or by the full collection (instead of having to list all items individually). We will also be adding several more categories of products that we currently don't offer to buy.

If you have any questions or concerns requarding this new policy please send us an email through the CONTACT US link form on the top right of this page